Has your network been crashing more than usual as of late?

Business PanicHas it been bogging down lately or slowing to a creeping crawl. Then it may be time for you to upgrade your network or go for a complete rebuild. A network specialist here at Atlanta Tech Services can do this for you with ease while you are tending to other needed tasks for your home or organization.
A network rebuild could suit your home or organization the best. Not only is it an upgrade to one aspect of your system, but it is a newer system that is more stable and has more possible upgrades in the future. So instead of being stuck once the network fully upgrades you have a system that can continually be upgraded.
The benefits of having a new network is that the speed and cost efficiency. The speed of your new network will boost your productivity. It will make it faster to share files, transfer data, and access online programs. Cost efficiency is a perk due to the fact that the higher speed means less time working, and the new network needs less maintenance. Not to mention that this is an investment into a network that should last several years.
Since we are planning on rebuilding a network here we should go into discussing what you will need and what it does. The following are the main set up devices for a network gigabit switches, WI-FI, servers, and Ethernet cables.
A gigabit switch is a form of an Ethernet switch. What this does is connects multiple devices to a Local Area Network (LAN). This allows for the transfer of files, data, etc. to multiple computers that area wired into the switch. The kicker here that makes a gigabit switch different from other Ethernet switches is that a gigabit switch is based on high speed broadband connections. Fast Ethernet transfers data approximately at the speed of 10 megabits a second. A gigabit switch moves at roughly 100 times the speed of Fast Ethernet. This allows a high transfer rate reduction due to increased speeds.
WI-FI is as defined by Webster’s dictionary “a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.” Most people refer to any wireless internet as WI-FI though. For this your need a wireless router, that is attached to your internet modem. It can also be piggy backed off of your server.
A server is defined as “a computer or computer program that manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.” So this is the brain of your network and the backbone. Make sure that you have it optimized properly.
Last by not least there are the wires needed for a network. These wires are called Ethernet cables. They look similar to a phone cord or other telecommunication cables but are thicker. Mainly you should stick to what is considered a basic Ethernet or networking cable.
Now that you have heard what you need to rebuild a network I’m sure you think it sounds like a hassle. Well, it can easily be the hassle of a local networking specialist. Allow them come in and set up your business networking today.

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