There are a lot of benefits for having a server in your home.

Business PanicHave you ever thought about how great it would be to own a server? To have the ability to network all your computers in your house together and to have one major system for storing your files? Home servers are beginning to become very popular and it’s easy to see why. There are a lot of benefits for having a server in your home. A new server is also becoming rather economic and is a safer way to store all of your files. There are also several uses for a home server that can add to the allure of owning one.
By using a home server you can network and link all computers in your household to each other. This allows for an easy transfer of files, usage of a single printer between multiple computers, and also the ability to control security. Security is usually the best part of it, you can make sure that little ones don’t get on to harmful sites if using the internet. Also you can use software to help monitor the contents and keep out threats such as malware from all of your computer systems.
A home server can also be used as media server. In this all computers in the household can be linked to the server where all media files are stored. This frees up hard drive space on individual computers and at the same time allows seamless access to movies, music, and photos that are stored on the server. Imagine using it to construct the ultimate computer entertainment system. If done correctly certain Blu-ray players and television sets can also be accessed to the server. This allows for movies to be played on the comfort of a large screen.
Back up servers are another great reason to own a home server. Ever had a moment where your entire system crashed and you’ve lost everything? Years of documents, pictures, and other important records? You could have stored them on a server and never suffered the pain lost files. Plus by linking several computers to the server you can access them from any point in the house really. Set up files for each family member, so they can store what is important to them on the server to make sure it’s safe in the event of a system failure.
Another popular use for a server is web caching. This is where all of your temporary internet files, cookies, etc. are stored on a separate server. The great thing about this is that it speeds up the individual computers, and doesn’t bog down your internet browsing. Just make sure to have a good antivirus program when doing this.
One of the most popular uses for a home server though is a web server. This where software is added to the server to allow it help deliver content accessed through the internet. In the event of hosting an online game night, the server can be used for gaming data storage, linked to multiple systems, and then all computers can run off the boosted connection. This also works well for webhosting, which allows the memory and information for a website to be stored directly on the server.
With all the perks to owning a home server, and the price of them on the market today the idea is highly desirable. With so many versatile uses for a single home sever it is shocking that more people don’t have them.