What is a help desk?


Help DeskA help desk is a resource that is intended to provide the end user with support related to the companies’ products and services. The purpose of a help desk is to trouble shoot problems or be a guide about products and tools used by the company. We can be contacted via phone, websites, instant messaging, or email. We can even be contacted via social media sites. Our trained staff is at the core of the help desk to deal with all of your organizations tools.

Imagine your organization has just upgraded to a new major computer system. You have all this brand new top of the line software. Suddenly out of nowhere you are hit with a system crash. Your brand new system just crashed, and who do you have the fix it or call? If you would have staffed your organization with our help desk support team this could easily be remedied.
A help desk can improve your organization over all. It is cost effective due to the fact that keeping help desk members on and/or off-site also allows for the ability for hands on repair in some situations. Also by our help desk it allows you control the hours and what services they will take. Time management also comes in to play by having the help desk all on the same network allows access between help desk and the troubled computer. Due to interlinked systems on the same network it allows for easy access to fix problems remotely, improvements are also made and tweaked based on the statistics and performance, and also monitoring of the system allows to tracking. Calls can be progressively tracked and logged to make sure they are handled properly and followed through with. With the systems being followed and monitored with more employees being involved in it a non-technical employee could learn to spot common problems.
What are the benefits of having a help desk?

Cost effectiveness
Time management
Improved services
Progressive tracking on calls
Common problems are spotted by non-technical staff.
Improve services by outsourcing to our help desks.

Help desks are a benefit for the entire organization. As mentioned before the help with cost efficiency, work with time management, and improves over all work performance. Monitored systems work better and can be cleared of viruses by the help desk on a regular basis. Workers can learn new skills and be able easily identify common mistakes and call them in. Help desk will be available every day except those scheduled off.