Many companies and people today are having an issue, an issue with managing their desktop and multiple desktops all at once.

broken computerThis problem seems to affect many of us, if only there was a solution. Thankfully there is… our desktop management at Atlanta Tech Services. Here at ATS we can manage servers, desktops, and even mobile devices. Many of the leading companies of use our service and love it. It’s a great way to save time and man power.
Remote access is the way of the future and desktop management has got this on board.
Using remote access we can log into any computer we have established to our account and have full access from any computer, anywhere. We can check system performance, run virus scans, import documents, restore files from backups and many more features.
There are several options out there that allow some amazing benefits and functions using our services. Below are simply a few that add a large amount of power to your already streamlined work force.
• Customizable user environments
A customizable user environment allows for simplified access to only the software and tools needed for the job. No longer does the computer have to access several unwanted bits of software just to boot up.
• Simplified administration tools
Run administrative functions with easy. Easy to navigate menus and simple tools make all administrative duties quick and simple.
• Remove log in scripts and configure desktop for proper user
Adjust the performance of each desktop to optimize it to its peak. Remove the need for a log in, or adjust it to only accept specific users.
• Increased security
Isolate network wide threats with the click of a button. Remove threats and block possible threat causes.
• Automated regular activities
Set each desktop to run certain tasks. Schedule maintenance, and even schedule shut downs and restarts.
• Time management
Spend less time scheduling each individual desktop to perform certain tasks. Monitor desktops to prepare for certain threats. Spend less time trouble shooting.
• Mobile Access
Access your desktops from mobile devices. Access your mobile devices from your desktops. All features and tools available. You can work on the go!
• Generate reports
Generate comprehensive reports about your systems performance. Detect threats before they even show up. Monitor and schedule maintenance, and other needs such as server health.
• Distribute and update software
Send out mass updates to all of your computers at once. Distribute software that is needed through your server. Install it in all systems at the same time. Avoid the hassle of individual installs.
• Integration with 3rd Parties
We can access computers to do work on them from anywhere. Allow for IT and outsourced helpdesks access to your systems to fix problems without having to be on site. Share information and data with other locations of your company in moments.
These key features help to make desktop management highly sought after and useful. Many companies today have prospered from using this technology and many more will. With the tools on the market today the access is easy and a definite good investment.