What are signs that I need to upgrade?

Business PanicIdeally everyone wants their computer to run up to speed. In fact we all want our computer to run faster than everyone else’s. Sometimes that can be a bit of a challenge and a little bit tricky. We don’t always know what it is that we need to bring everything up to speed. This is where we recommend that you bring your computer over to our repair shop and have us look it over, or we can come over and find some ways of speeding it up.
If your computer, laptop, or server moves at the speed of snail, and gradually is getting slower then something is wrong.
The warranty that you bought with your purchase of the computer, laptop, or server is over.
You are constantly hearing unexplainable noises, or a heavy moaning from the fan or other parts of the device.
If you are spending more time trying to fix issues it’s causing then actually using it.
You have run out of memory, and have no space left to store anything.
Of course in the event that the device quits working completely.

How do we upgrade your computer, laptop, or server?

Well, that is an excellent question with a few different answers. When it comes to your laptop or computer we can simply upgrade your software, add new hardware, or in an extreme case replace the system. When it comes to the server it is a bit tricky we can always add new software, add another unit, or replace the whole thing. Due to the fact that replacing the whole thing is rather expensive we are going to go with the other options. When it comes to the software of your computer, laptop, or server there are several options out there. You can either simply upgrade to a newer operating system, or possible purchase some software that helps streamline or boost the performance of the device in question. Hardware on these devices is another story. When it comes to storage space we can always add an additional hard drive. The extra storage space is a simple for the time being fix. You can use an external or internal to store all those extra files. If your physical memory is what seems to be the problem, then you should probably invest in more RAM. There are different types of RAM for computers and laptops, we will make sure you are investing in the right one. We do the research about your computer and don’t before just going to the nearest parts store and grabbing whatever is on the shelf. We make sure that the amount you are purchasing is compatible with your motherboard or all that extra memory will be useless. When it comes down to your sever we can always add another memory unit, or storage unit. The best bet though it to upgrade by buying a backup server to catch all of the needed overflow. It is advised though before going on and upgrading anything you consult a professional. A lot of these upgrades can be tricky to the untrained hand. In fact some parts can be shorted out just by touching them with static electricity built up in your body. So get advice and possible help from your local repair shop, or call in some IT before upgrading.