What is this “Cloud” and why do we need it?

Cloud ManagementMany of you out there have heard of cloud servers, or “the cloud”. This newer service is a large number of computers and servers connected through the internet or other communication network working together to virtually store or run information. This service is available in almost every format, computers, cell phones, tablets, and even video game systems. With all of this on demand streaming abilities, easy ways to share business files, and run applications without downloading or installing them it does sound pretty attractive. The issue is learning how to run and use a cloud based server for your home or business usage. Well, the answer is rather simple use a cloud server management business solutions like Atlanta Tech Services HyberCloud cloud management services.

The perk to using our cloud server management company is that our experienced team can manage all our servers for you. Our hands-on experience allowing you to have direct control is always a reassuring feeling. The software we use will show you statistics on your system. On top of the normal system statistics we can also monitor your system health. This is key, monitoring system health allows for us to always be prepared for any type of problem that may occur. Using the cloud itself will increase the capacity for speed, storage, and work load for your company. Using the correct software can also enhance your functionality, allow you to organize your applications, and add additional services. Many can be used in an automated mode which the software itself runs everything and monitors storage, or a manual monitor can be performed. In manual mode every aspect can be viewed and tweaked instantly as time goes on.
How do I avoid my own errors? That is a great question, with a very simple answer. The answer to the question is by hiring a cloud server management business like ours to handle this for you.

When you employee a team for cloud server management you always get what you pay for. A team of trained professionals are working around the clock for 24/7 coverage of your server. They will adjust settings as they monitor. They will organize your applications as you want them. They can keep in constant contact with you, still allowing you to have control, via email, sms, and phone calls. All of the services that the software can provide are also available through the cloud server managers. Not only do we do everything the software can do, and do it for you, we can suggest any changes you may need to optimize your system. The two types most commonly offered are automated monitored management, which is where a management tool is used to monitor the storage, and non-automated monitored management, which is where a person physically monitors your storage.

As you can plainly see there are two major options for you to take when looking into cloud server management. Though, it can seem scary out there on the cloud, we can help!