The sad fact is with today’s technology disasters like data loss could be prevented.

Business PanicHow many times have companies almost lost their heads due to server crashes that have taken large chunks of data away from them? Way too many, in fact several companies have fallen victim to a fatal data loss. The sad fact of this is with today’s technology it could have been prevented. If only more companies would use a back up recovery service that is on “the cloud”. By this I mean an on cloud on-site back up and recovery service. They are a new up and coming concept that prevents major errors in the world of data loss today.
“The cloud” is a server or network of computers and servers linked via a communications network such as the internet. This allows for companies to upload their data to usually a 3rd party companies servers for safe storage. These companies pride themselves in their security and often insure the files of their clients. Strict confidentiality contracts prevent them from viewing the contents of the files, but they make sure they are backed up properly. This also frees up server space on the companies hard drives for not having to store everything there. Also the cloud servers often offer mobile access and instant share features. Allowing the company to access files from their mobile devices or instantly send them from the cloud server to clients or other members of their own company. These providers also usually have streamlined systems and tools to make using their service incredibly easy, and without hassle.
The benefits for using a cloud server are as follows.
• Fast and therefore saves time for there is no needed server maintenance.
• Data is backed up off-site so if anything happens to the site data remains safe.
• Secure, many cloud server providers and managers monitor content to ensure no corruption occurs.
• Easily accessible from any computer or mobile, as well as the fact it can be shared easily with clients or other company members.
An on-site server is also a good way for storage and file back up. Having a few physical servers in the company with a constant and back up power supply helps to insure that data and files are secure. The benefit of having the files on-site also insures that no other parties can access them for confidential reasons. The only downside to having an on-site server is that it requires maintenance from an employee and if something happens to the site the server maybe lost.
The benefits of an on-site back up server are as follows.
• Safe, with the data being onsite and only accessible from company computers.
• Data is backed up and saved in the event of an emergency.
• Data can easily be access and shared between the networked computers.
Both types of back up recovery systems have their pros and cons. It just depends on what suits your needs the most. Either choice though will keep your data secure.